Soundbar 120 Watt, w/8″ 180 Watt Wireless Subwoofer



Soundbar 120 Watt, w/8″ 180 Watt Wireless Subwoofer

Includes: SoundBar, Wireless SubWoofer, Remote and Accessories



120 Watt Soundbar with Six Drivers and Two Tweeters and Bluetooth streaming includes 180 Watt 8″ Wireless SubWoofer .

The SB800 Soundbar describes the latest digital technology in amplified speaker sound bars with a powerful wireless amplified MegaBass subwoofer by Current Audio.

The powerful subwoofer can be located anywhere in the room. This is the perfect Home Theater System with a wide sound stage.The system comes with a handheld remote to control power, switch inputs and adjust sound fields. The slim depth and sleek design blends with all flat LED/LCD TV models.

  • Features and Connections for Soundbar
  •  Power Switch-Rear panel switch to cut power for service or hook-up.
  •  Input Power Jack-Connect the 12VDC power supply here.
  •  Bluetooth streaming
  •  Line Inputs–Three input methods are provided on the back panel. Digital Optical or standard analog RCA input from TV.
  •  AUX IN-A standard 3.5mm audio jack for MP3, computers or mobile devices.
  •  An enclosed accessory pack that includes brackets allowing the SoundBar to be table top or wall mounted.
  •  Input power Jack-Connect 110VAC 2 conductor power cord here.
  •  Power Mode-Power ON or OFF
  •  Match Button and Status LED-Used to sync the SoundBar with the MegaBass for control of the subwoofer.   Application Notes: Hex codes for the remote control   Universal remote control code: The soundbar is compatible with many different universal remote controls.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 23 in


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